​ ​About S-Chem

Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG) with Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, through a wholly owned affiliate Arabian Chevron Phillips Petrochemical Company (ACP), has two 50/50 joint venture projects in the Eastern Province Industrial City of Al-Jubail: Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP) and Jubail Chevron Phillips Company (JCP). A third joint venture, Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo), is jointly owned by ACP and National Petrochemical Company (Petrochem).

Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP), Jubail Chevron Phillips Company (JCP) and Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo) are collectively known as S-Chem.

Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP)

SCP began commercial production in December 1999 and produces Benzene, Motor-Gasoline and Cyclohexane. Saudi Chevron Phillips is owned by ACP and SIIG each with a 50% share

Jubail Chevron Phillips Company (JCP)

Commercial production started in the second half of 2008. The products comprise Ethylene, Styrene and Propylene.

Ownership of this company is equally distributed between ACP and SIIG.

Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo)

SPCo has been recently established , started commercial production in 2012 and is owned 65% by Petrochem, and 35% by ACP

S-Chem is considered one of the pioneer companies in developing the industrial foundation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically the petrochemical industry. The objective is to lead the way for the private sector to invest through the petrochemical industry.​

  Hamad Saud Al-Sayari  
Chairman's Message

S-Chem is proud to be one of the pioneer companies in the petrochemical field where was the decision to take advantage of what God Almighty have blessed our country with its natural resources, which was a main factor that led to take advantage of it. S-Chem has a strong partnership with companies that have vast experience and large customer base to maximize its benefits, and the technologies used in the petrochemical industry. S-Chem has attracted the best expertise with great proficiency to keep the company at the highest level of competition.

S-Chem strongly upholds the belief that the first basic pillar for any company is its human resources. Hence it is focusing on the continuous development of its employee's skills, and performance and taking care of them and their families, and the reason behind the attention from the company toward its employees is its firm belief that S-Chem continues success is a result of the effort and dedication of its qualified and loyal employees, The company also pays great attention to Safety and security and creates and develops the proper programs for that Of course, we cannot ignore the big role our leadership played on which made the Kingdom one of the most suitable environments for industrial investment, as a result of the focus on creating infrastructure and providing all the industrial services that industrial cities of Jubail and Yanbu need.

S-Chem is currently executing its strategies targeting the integration among its various projects to increase the added value for those project products.

Finally, and on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all of the employees for their active participation in the consecutive successes of the company through their evident commitment, outstanding performance and continuous efforts in performing their tasks sincerely.

Chairman of the board

Hamad Saud Al-Sayari ​

Executive President Message


Since the establishment of S-Chem, when it started operating its first project (Saudi Chevron Phillips) with commercial production in 1999, its basic goal, then and now, is to produce high quality products with competitive prices, to cover the requirements of the growing market of petrochemicals. The Saudi Chevron Phillips project, which is the foundation stone of the three current projects, is considered one of the biggest industrial projects in the region. Thereafter, came the projects of Jubail Chevron Phillips and Saudi Polymers Company with commercial production in 2008 & 2012 consequently.

The company focuses on the quality of its products and further improved its organizational structure which was adapted to the quick growth of our business and concentrated on long-term strategic plans with rapid feasibility and deployment.


We also cannot lose sight of our responsibility towards our society there for S-Chem since its establishment was keen to have an active presence in various educational, social, support and cultural programs plus sponsoring many charitable events and activities in Jubail Industrial City, which has had a clear impact in stimulating social and charity work in the region and build bridges of communication between the company and the community.


All these accomplishments wouldn't have been achieved without the continuous support from his Excellency the Chairman and the Board Members, with their encouragement to continue achieving further successes. Also, the sincere hard work and the genuine commitment of S-Chem team lead to transforming the Shareholders' vision to what is S-Chem today.



Executive president